Our hair systems

Our unique and revolutionary hair systems are completely undetectable to both sight and touch and the latest revolution in hair loss solutions. The hair system consists of only the best luxury human hair that has been implanted into a micro-thin layer of artificial skin with looks like your own skin.

Step 1

As part of our preparation process we gently cleanse your scalp to improve its health and to enable the hair system to be applied perfectly. We do this to ensure that the hair system achieves the perfect look and feel and also improves the longevity of the hair system.

Step 2

We apply the hair system semi permanently to your scalp. To achieve this we use a water based and toxin free bond. The bond holds the system in place comfortably and strongly this is painless and a gentle process. Our bond has an EC certificate which states that it is not harmful to the human health as your ongoing skin and body health is our main priority.

Step 3

The excess skin from the hair system is then trimmed to your head shape. The hair system is then cut into any hair style desired. Your hair system looks, and feels exactly like your own hair. You can sleep in it, shower in it, do sports and live normally while wearing the hair system you don't have to worry about changing your life style.

How It Works

Maintenance Appointments

It is important to keep up with maintenance appointments to ensure that your hair system is in the best condition. Maintenance appointments are recommended every 6-8 weeks depending on your lifestyle. Maintenance involves removal of the hair system cleansing and conditioning of the scalp and removing the old bond. The system is then treated and conditioned. The hair system is then bonded and reattached to the skin and then styled. (this includes cutting your own natural hair)